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Executive Coaching
Individual executive sessions provide improved business performance, analysis, focus and personal development. Enhanced communications, employee relations, work-life effectiveness and business strategies result.
Premium Personal Coaching
Individual coaching sessions concentrate on taking action in your current life and planning for the future, so that your energy is going into what you want your life to be. Attention is directed to developing a vision for life and assists in moving towards that intention. The goal is to develop life skills to find your place of balance and to manage life effectively in order to live to your fullest purpose and potential.
Speaking Engagements
Hour-long programs focus on life balance and life purpose. Topics include:
  • Connecting to Your Life - Finding your purpose and assessing your values
  • Creating Your Life - Taking responsibility to create your life
  • Caring for Your Life - Finding the energy you need to be effective
  • Customer Care/Sales - Improving relationships and connecting with your customers
Organizational Workshops
Empowering workshops that promotes the development of life skills that lead to a balanced life in which an individual's actions are in alignment with his/her values. Organizations gain a direct benefit by having increasingly centered, exceptional employees who are better equipped to meet the needs of the organization and the community it serves. The format is interactive, fun and includes a workbook.

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