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About Me
Stephanie Somanchi I hold an intense interest in inner human development. I believe that developing key life skills allows one to live with greater success, fullness, purpose, and with joy. I have cultivated an understanding of such life skills and developed coaching methods to increase their effectiveness. My MBA degree focused on Organizational Behavior, the psychology of people in an organization, and my PhD in Community Development emphasizes sociology, psychology, and anthropology. These skills combine to allow me to coach in a unique way that promotes growth. My motto is: "Serve by living to your fullest potential."
Coaching Philosophy
There is a purpose to your life. You carry the answers to your life. Your unique gifts, interests, longings, and inner voice provide for this direction. You are responsible for taking action in your life! Your calling may take a variety of forms, but in essence it is about the way you live your life that creates a life of meaning, success and purpose. By living fully in this moment you create your future.
Coaching Technique
I want you to live to your fullest potential. As your coach, I work with you to develop a vision for your life, find your unique solutions, and build the necessary life skills for your success. I help you define your values and make sure that your energy is going towards them. You cannot segment your life. Whether we are discussing relationships, career or life purpose, it will affect the whole of you. I provide accountability, a forward moving focus, and am an advocate for your best interest. I work with you to find your place of balance, a harmony for your success. Together, we begin where you are today to develop skills that direct your energy towards living your fullest life.

Coaching is not therapy! Coaching does not diagnose or treat mental health concerns. I encourage those searching for such services to seek mental health care professionals.

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